Where Is the Love?

The lack of voice continued on.  And so did I… at work.  I started the day with moderate voice, but it quickly descended into squeaky whispers.  8 hours of talk can do that to you.  My big joke to the kids was this: “I’ve been without my voice all day, and there’s a big reward for finding it.”  Most people thought that was cute.  Others stared at me, with a look that I am more than used to at this point in my life.

Even though I was not with full voice, the rest of me remains intact.   I guess that’s a good thing.

A gentleman walked up to me at the greeter position of the bumper cars today, all proud and excited, with his little girl in tow.   “My little girl is going to ride the bumper cars!,” he exclaimed.  He followed that with, “She is definitely tall enough.”  I reminded him that I had to check her height first, no matter what he asserted.  Sure enough, she was at least two inches under the 36″ marker.  I told him, as I have to do all the time, that I could not let his little girl ride.  His enthusiasm turned to disgust.  Before leaving to go elsewhere, he leaned over to me and said, “I hate you.”

Now, I have had insults of all kinds tossed at me at work — it’s just something you have to deal with sometimes.  And, of course, all I can do is smile and say “thank you” in response.  To that individual who “hates me,” all I have to say is Where Is the Love?

Now that I’ve got that off my chest, I can sleep!

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