Under the Weather, But Getting By

I have a bit of a cold now, unfortunately. I can’t really speak (which some might count as a blessing), and that throws off my idea of shooting a new video for my page. I was still working yesterday, speaking in front of crowds, when my throat started to give out. I was saying, “You should call me a Shetland pony, because I’m a little hoarse!” Thank god for my cough drops… and the gift of two days off to recoup.

When I am in any state of unwellness, I eat lots of garlic, in any form possible. Raw, cooked, it makes no difference. Garlic is one of those marvelous natural healers that give you tremendous benefit, yet cost you almost nothing. I normally chew raw garlic bulbs, after swigging them down with copious amounts of water, to alleviate the burn. Or I make my garlic broth, where I sauté at least an entire bulb of peeled and chopped garlic, cook that down in chicken broth, then add lemon or lime juice at the last for that vitamin C zing. Oh, it’s a marvelous thing.

Today I stumbled upon a recipe for a garlic soup where you peel two entire bulbs of garlic, then cook the cloves whole in chicken broth until they are tender, then you whisk in an egg at the end to give it added richness. I tell you, the flavor of the garlic mellows out tremendously, and it made a really fine, nourishing tonic for my aching innards. I have a new soup to add to my sick-time garlic routine!

But as smart as I am with picking foods, I’m pretty stupid with picking movies. I tend to choose films randomly, where my condition only seems to intensify. I chose to watch La Grande Bouffe, where four friends decide to lock themselves up in a villa, and proceed to eat themselves to death. While fascinating, this French/Italian oddity did no wonders for my spirit. I recalled the time several years ago when I was broke and despondent, and was desperately needing something to entertain me, so I waddled down to the public library to borrow a VHS tape for the evening, and all I could find was The Grapes of Wrath. Needless to say, my condition intensified. And watching Ugo Tognazzi have a heart attack whilst consuming an obscene amount of pate’, as he was being stimulated in the lap by a woman of loose morals, wasn’t any better. When under the weather, I should just stick with watching Tootsie and Groundhog Day.

But I am a fighter, and these little things won’t get me down! The garlic is surging through my veins now, and soon I will bounce back, more adorable than ever! Take that, Ugo Tognazzi!

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  1. Ryan said,

    January 6, 2011 @ 4:19 am

    Just darling, my friend. I needed that little bit of levity. Thank you. (And I think I may watch Tootsie tonight as well.)

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