Tuesday Stuff

Not only did Anne Francis die on Sunday, so did Pete Postlethwaite, the craggy-faced actor from such films as The Usual Suspects and In the Name of the Father. He was a remarkable actor who brought in a very serious, tense quality to all the projects he was involved with.

Bill Erwin
And if you believe in the whole “dying in threes” thing (as a lot of people do), the lesser known of the three would be long-time character actor Bill Erwin, who had a career going way back to the 1940s and seemed to be on every TV show out there for several decades. He appeared in two episodes of The Andy Griffith Show (most prominently as George Sapley), which is enough to get my respect. Most people of the “now generation” might remember him for his appearance on Seinfeld in the early 1990s. I fondly recall him as Santa Claus on Highway to Heaven, where he claimed to have actually been Mr. Kringle, himself. But the sentimentalist that I am, I will always think of him as Arthur, the hotel caretaker, in the exquisite and moving Somewhere in Time. If Arthur doesn’t bring tears to your eyes, then you ain’t human. Erwin lived to a ripe old 96, which is amazing to me, since he looked like he was 96 twenty five years ago!

Thank you both for what you brought to the world.

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