A Raft of Birthdays!

It’s December 1st. So easy to remember a few birthdays in my world. See, it’s my sister’s birthday, Gueren’s birthday, Carl’s birthday, as well as Woody Allen’s, and Gilbert O’Sullivan’s.

Speaking of Gilbert O’Sullivan, his new album coming out on January 31, 2011. And I will be part of another animated project for him, to be completed in the next few months. I have long looked up to Gilbert, who does what he wants with his art, no matter what anybody says. His music just keeps getting better and better. To work for him, in any capacity, is at total thrill. He’s one singer-songwriter who is just ripe for a major comeback.

It’s a happy day, indeed, and I wish you birthday kids the very best day, no matter how you all choose to celebrate it.

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