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Happy 2011

I am spending my last moments at home in 2010 listening to the melancholy voice of David Gates, packing my bags and getting ready for an evening of adventure. It’s not going to be your standard night, and it can’t really be described as “partying,” either, for I will be working at the Disneyland Resort, welcoming families to It’s a Bug’s Land. But, I will have my brass bell on hand, continuing Maurice Noble’s tradition of ringing in the new year. It won’t be traditional, and I won’t have Dick Clark to hold my hand, yet I will be quite happy, in my own way.

And 2011 will see me doing the same darn thing: taking what is there, and making the very best of it. You don’t really have a lot of choice in the matter, do you? It’s all about perception, anyhow. If you choose for things to be positive, then they will be. Money isn’t even a part of the equation. I am more content sitting on a stump watching a butterfly than I am buying flashy clothes, or drinking $75 cognac. 2011 will see me sitting on that stump a lot, with a goofy smile on my face.

I am starting a letter writing group called the Happy Time Correspondence Club. I hope you will all join me on my mission. Basically, I want to bring back the lost art of the pen pal. Will you join me in my mission? If so, all you have to do is contact me here, and I will be more than happy to furnish you wish my address.

I also am going to valiantly try to update this web site every two days, and get a little more positive momentum going in my life. My world is already pretty positive, but it can always be much more so. You can never have enough goodness!

Speaking of goodness, please check out the amazing web site by Ruth Reichl. She will gladden and inspire you in a hundred different ways! What a lady she is. She is definitely one of the people I would love to meet and have a meal with. If only!

And in only one month, we will have the pleasure of hearing Gilbert O’Sullivan’s brand new CD, Gilbertville. I can’t wait!

2011 will be SMASHING!

My love and best wishes to you all.

– Kurt

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A Raft of Birthdays!

It’s December 1st. So easy to remember a few birthdays in my world. See, it’s my sister’s birthday, Gueren’s birthday, Carl’s birthday, as well as Woody Allen’s, and Gilbert O’Sullivan’s.

Speaking of Gilbert O’Sullivan, his new album coming out on January 31, 2011. And I will be part of another animated project for him, to be completed in the next few months. I have long looked up to Gilbert, who does what he wants with his art, no matter what anybody says. His music just keeps getting better and better. To work for him, in any capacity, is at total thrill. He’s one singer-songwriter who is just ripe for a major comeback.

It’s a happy day, indeed, and I wish you birthday kids the very best day, no matter how you all choose to celebrate it.