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We were friends for many years.  He was a big man, never a big shot. He was a giver, never a taker, and when called on by others he was usually  the first one to respond.

I will always remember the night we surprised him with the Iron Mike Mazurki Award.  He said, "We will have to call me 'Soft Boiled' after tonight," as he shed a tear, grinning from ear-to-ear.  It was a sight that warmed the hearts of all of us.

Rest in peace, my friend.
-- Karl Lauer

Hag was a champion on and off the mat, and he will bever be forgotten.
-- Gene LeBell
Antonio Inoki pays his respects to HB at the 2002 CAC reunion in Las Vegas, NV
(Photo courtesy of Slam! Wrestling)
The Hag.  He was really good for wrestling.  He conducted himself in his own way, and he could really crank up the people.  Hag was and excellent guy and really lived up to the name Hard Boiled -- (laughs) he couldn't help it.
-- Verne Gagne

He was a wonderful person, HB.  We spent a lot of years together through the business and the CAC at the weekly meetings.  He will be very much missed by all of us who knew him well.
-- Count Billy Varga
One of the nicest people you could ever hope to know.  He was a wonderful man.  HB was loyal to the CAC for over three decades, and I am so fortunate I was able to call him my friend.
-- Maria Bernardi

When we were a tag team he always used the word "unanimity," meaning a group being of one mind.   Many of the fans didn't understand that, but then Hag was always ahead of the times... and look at the legacy he left behind because of it.
He was a great one.
-- Dick Beyer (The Destroyer)
HBH was truly a legend in professional wrestling.  The last time I saw Don was at the 2000 CAC reunion in Las Vegas.  I was one of the honorees that evening, and Don sat at the table next to myself and my fiance, Linda.   Don was called up to the podium to speak, and upon hearing that he lifted his massive frame out of his chair and bellowed "Oh, Christ!" in his deep voice, obviously feeling the effects of his long career on his back and other joints!

I found him always to be friendly and simply a great guy.  God has another great one.
-- Bill Anderson
If the word "legend" can be tagged to a wrestler, then Hag is it!  He was the self-proclaimed "King of Wrestlers," and when one looks at his career highlights as a wrestler, then in Hollywood, he was indeed a "King" and a legend.
-- George Schire

(Black and white photos courtesy of Crimson Mask, taken from The Wrestler.)