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Jerry Tuite, who had been performing under the All Japan Pro Wrestling banner as Gigantes, died on December 6, 2003 just after completing the final tour date. The cause of death is reported as being an acute heart attack. He was just a few days shy of his 37th birthday.

Tuite broke into the business in the mid-90s after learning the ropes under veteran Iron Mike Sharpe at his training school in New Jersey. He spent some time in the WCW Power Plant before he wrestled full-time as The Wall, first starting as a second for Berlyn (Alex Wright), then moved on to a solo run. With his natural size, he was pushed as a monster
heel. Tuite also performed as Sgt. AWOL during his WCW run. He briefly had a developmental contract with WWE.

He admittedly had a problem with substance abuse, but fought valiantly to turn his life around. Tuite not only changed his outlook on life, he also completely revamped his look, coming back strong in the independent scene. He was given a second chance at the big time in NWA-TNA, performing under the name Malice, where he experienced a great deal of success. As Gigantes, he had been a regular performer with All Japan Pro Wrestling for most of 2003.

We at the Cauliflower Alley Club send our condolences to thefamily and friends of Jerry Tuite.